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  • 2 Waiting Room DVDs - Two Spinal Hygiene Waiting Room videos for your office!
  • 4 Core Spinal Hygiene Videos - All Four Downloadable spinal hygiene exercise videos!
  • 12 Spinal Hygiene Flyers - A downloadable Spinal Hygiene Flyer for every month of the year!
  • 65 Social Media Posts - 65 Spinal Hygiene Social Media images and videos!
  • 12 Email Templates - 12 plug-n-play spinal hygiene email drip templates!
  • Lunch-n-Learn Program - The entire Spinal Hygiene In-Office Workshop Program!
  • In-Office Workshop Program - The entire Spinal Hygiene Lunch-and-Learn Program!
  • Private Facebook Group - Weekly LIVE trainings in our private Facebook Group!
  • And So Much More...
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This Spinal hygiene monthly Program is Made Up of many helpful marketing resources and Trainings That Will Help You grow your practice and automate your patient education!
5 Spinal Hygiene Kits per Month!
This is the real reason to join our monthly spinal hygiene membership for only $215/mo. while the offer is still available.  Each kit comes with 2 spinal molding rolls, 1 exercise disc, 1 resistance band, 1 At Home Spinal Care Book, 1 Quick Start Guide, and 1 Branded Travel Bag.  The recommended retail price is $117/kit.  ...5 kits will add $585 to your bottom line each month!
2 Waiting Room DVDs!
You'll receive 2 different waiting room videos.  You'll have access to download the digital files and use them on your TV or computer.  These waiting room videos will do all the work for you when it comes to educating your patients on the importance of lifetime spinal care.  Your patients will LOVE these videos so much they'll look forward to learning more each visit!
Core 4 Spinal Hygiene Videos!
You'll get access to the Core 4 Spinal Hygiene Exercise Instructional Videos.  You can download them and use the digital file or just use the YouTube links to send to your patients.  You'll never have to spend your time worrying if your patients know how to do their home exercises because all they can watch the professional instructional video as many times as they need to.
12 Spinal Hygiene Flyers!
You'll receive 12 spinal hygiene flyers, one for each month of the year!  They are simple to download, print off, and handout to all of your patients.  Each flyer covers a different health condition and includes a published scientific article on how chiropractic can help.  These flyers are designed to help you stimulate more referrals in your office with out you having to do anything!
65 Social Media Posts!
You'll receive 65 digital social media posts all specially designed to educate your followers on the topic of spinal hygiene and lifetime spinal care.  We all know we should be posting to social media more often.  These posts make it easy for you and your team to stay more active with your followers and increase engagement on each of your social pages!
12 Email Drip Templates!
You'll receive 12 done-for-you email templates that you can copy and paste into your email marketing software.  Simply add your name and clinic information and edit whatever you want to in the email and hit SAVE.  It make your life so much easier having an automated email drip system delivering email after email to your patients without you having to touch it!
Lunch-n-Learn Program!
Dr. Tabor will walk you step-by-step through his 8 step system of setting up Lunch & Learn Talks in your community. He’ll also show to 2 other ways to set up talks (one of them no one ever things about), and you’ll get presentation and closing training so you’ll know exactly what to say and do at your Lunch & Learn to maximize sign-ups in your office starting today!
In-Office Workshop Program!
You’ll get Dr. Tabor Spinal Hygiene Advanced Talk PowerPoints and Workshop Training so you can set up in-office workshops and start teaching your patients the power of Spinal Hygiene. You’ll also receive Dr. Tabor’s very own “Doctor’s Report” (the entire training on video) that he gives on Day 2 of his intake process to explode conversions in his office!
Private Facebook Group!
Live classes each week with Dr. Tabor himself. Each class will focus on the implementation of a specific strategy from this program (and other practice building topics). This completely eliminates the problem that most Chiropractic offices have with NOT being able to implement quickly!  All the Live Trainings are automatically recorded and posted in the group.
Don't miss out on this AMAZING program and offer!...
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One More Thing! - When You Purchase The Spinal Hygiene Membership Today You'll Also Receive!...
two tickets to the next Spinal Hygiene Seminar! 
The next 1-Day Seminar is scheduled for Feb. 26th, 2022 at Life University in Atlanta, GA.  You will receive more information by email.
Two FREE Tickets!  
($399 Value)
What you'll learn:
You and your team will finally understand the true concept of Lifetime Spinal Care and how to implement it correctly for your patients in your office. Dentists have known for decades that the people who practice proper hygiene at home are their best, most compliant patients in the office.  In this seminar you'll learn how to improve these areas in your office!
What others are saying...
"We love the at home kits! They are a great way to promote the idea of lifetime care to patients. Most people don't realize how important it is to take care of their spine for their whole life and these kits along with what you've done with Spinal Hygiene is a great way to introduce that to them. The kits are put together well and patients love them."

- Dr. Jeff Feenstra, D.C.
"I believe that this is a very effective way to raise awareness about spinal health and spinal hygiene. We have seen it work with dentistry and now it is our turn to be able to reach out and help more people. Thanks to you Dr. Tabor for putting this together!"

- Dr. Denny Warren, D.C., CCWP
"I found Dr. Tabor online and watched several of his videos. I was looking for an exercise program that patients could follow at home and really stick with. I think one of the hardest things in our profession is getting patients to be compliant with their home exercise programs. So far, I’ve got nothing but great feedback from our patients…and now we make it part of our care program for every new patient."

- Dr. Chris Donofri D.C.
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Only $215.00/mo.
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Don’t worry, you can buy with certainty knowing we stand by our 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply send us an email, and you will receive a full refund (you don't even have to return the product!).

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