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The Science of Spinal Hygiene
How to use Spinal Hygiene and Home Care Strategies to Improve Patient Compliance, Outcomes, and Retention!

Wednesday, Dec. 13th

@ 8:00PM CST, 6:00PM PST

Live Training Webinar

The Lifetime Patient Webinar!
Live Training Webinar Reveals How You can Help Your Patients Understand the Importance of Doing Their Home Spine Care Exercises, Dr. Tabor is a Spinal Hygiene Expert, and Currently Runs Two Thriving Wellness Practices in Houston, TX.

Wednesday, Dec. 13th

@ 8:00PM CST, 6:00PM PST
What You'll Learn On This FREE Training!
  • 1) - How Understanding the 3 Main Concepts of Spinal Hygiene can help you Explode Your Practice!
  • 2) - Learn to Educate Patients About the Importance of Lifetime Wellness by showing them the most effective and efficient home care exercises for their spine!
  • 3) - A Simple Way to Improve Patient Care in Your Office, and Create a New Stream of Income for Your Practice at the Same Time!
FREE Gift Just for Showing Up to This Training!
As a gift for attending the LIVE Webinar, I will actually GIVE you an editable version of my Initial Care/Wellness Care Plan! (This was the single biggest breakthrough I've had for building retention in my office!  Trust me, this will be worth you showing up!)
FREE TRAINING WEBINAR - Explode patient retention! •
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